Simplify monitoring & management of Azure Stack HCI and Windows Server

DataON MUST™ (Management Utility Software Tool) provides a high level of infrastructure visibility, monitoring, and management for Azure Stack HCI and Windows Server environments. MUST simplifies data center management and helps enterprise customers transition from traditional SANs to Microsoft-based hyper-converged infrastructure.

MUST is a native extension for Microsoft Windows Admin Center, so you can use both Windows Admin Center and MUST in a single pane of glass. Windows Admin Center is the modernized and simplified tool set for managing Azure Stack HCI and Windows Server environments. Evolving from familiar tools like Server Manager and MMC, Windows Admin Center is a lightweight, browser-based, customer-deployed solution with no agent installation required on target servers. It comes at no extra cost beyond the Azure Stack HCI or Windows Server license.

DataON MUST Features

Historic data reporting

 Provides real-time and monthly dashboards of your system performance data including IOPS, latency, throughput on your cluster, storage pool, volume, and nodes.

Enhanced disk mapping

 Provides a clear disk map of your entire node including number of disks, disk type, location and slot of each drive, and disk health status. MUST now supports over 20 configurations for disk mapping.

Alert services

 Provides real-time e-mail alerts to system administrators based on Microsoft Health Service faults. E-mail alerts can be setup based on multiple levels, such as critical, warning, and information.

Call home service

Integrates alert services with Azure Analytics to provide real- time monitoring of DataON solutions for Azure Stack HCI for disk failures or predicted disk failures. MUST can notify system administrators and start the process to send a replacement disk.

Infrastructure management tool

 Scans and displays the OS, firmware, drivers, BIOS and BMCs for each node in your Azure Stack HCI cluster. Compares against the latest quarterly validated server component image baseline from Microsoft.

MUST Pro keeps Integrated Systems updated

DataON MUST Pro is included with DataON Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI. It integrates with Microsoft’s cluster aware update functionality to simplify deployment and updates to Azure Stack HCI, with minimal disruption to your hybrid cloud infrastructure. MUST Pro ensures that servers have the same OS version, drivers, firmware, BIOS, and BMC, and checks the drivers and firmware for network cards, host bus adapters, and SSD and HDD drives. With a single click, your entire cluster can be updated. CAU helps keep your system updated and secure against the latest server exploits.

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