Switchless Integrated Systems for ROBO, edge, and IoT

DataON Kepler Switchless Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI combine Intel® technology with Azure Arc-enabled Azure Stack HCI. They are designed for smaller, remote deployments such as small-to-medium sized businesses, remote office/branch offices and edge computing. These environments can present a challenge for IT departments because of constrained budgets, space and power footprints, and IT resources.

Integrated Systems provide an “appliance-like” experience, delivering the fastest time-to-value through the convenience of pre-installed software, integrated drivers, and firmware updates. Simple to procure and deploy, they’re turnkey solutions that require little deployment effort from IT staff.

Available in 2- and 3-node versions, DataON Kepler Integrated Systems feature switchless back-to-back networking for peak simplicity and affordability, plus innovative technologies that set Azure Stack HCI apart at the small scale. Nested resiliency protects you from multiple concurrent failures. Cloud quorum technologies can leverage Azure instead of an appliance virtual machine for a quorum. Kepler 3-node (K3N) solutions provide an additional layer of resiliency over Kepler 2-node (K2N) solutions, essential in environments or multiple ROBO and edge deployments that require 3-way mirror fault tolerance.

DataON K2N/K3N-7104 All-Flash

5th Gen Intel® Xeon®

Size & Performance

DataON K2N/K3N-7104G All-Flash

5th Gen Intel® Xeon®

Size & Performance

DataON K2N/K3N-7112 All-Flash

5th Gen Intel® Xeon®

Size & Performance

DataON K2N/K3N-7208 All-Flash

5th Gen Intel® Xeon®

Performance & Expansion

DataON K2N/K3N-7208G All-Flash

5th Gen Intel® Xeon®

GPU Optimized

DataON K2N/K3N-7212 Hybrid

5th Gen Intel® Xeon®

IOPS & Capacity

DataON K2N/K3N-7216 All-Flash

5th Gen Intel® Xeon®

IOPS & Performance

DataON K2N/K3N-7216G All-Flash

5th Gen Intel® Xeon®

GPU Optimized

DataON K2N/K3N-7224 All-Flash

5th Gen Intel® Xeon®

IOPS & Capacity

A Fully Integrated Appliance-like Experience

  • Easy procurement – Distinctly order able multi-node solutions
  • Simple to deploy – Pre-installed bits from DataON plus turnkey deployment service
  • Hassle-free maintenance – Full-stack, integrated setup & upgrades with Windows Admin Center, Lifecycle Manager, DataON MUST Pro, and DataON MUST
  • Highest security – Secured-core technology with 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and PCIe Gen 4, protecting against kernel firmware and other attacks​
  • Highest reliability – Curated components are continually tested by both DataON and Microsoft
  • World-class support – Single-point of engagement with Joint support agreements with both DataON & Microsoft

DataON Exclusives for Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI

Premium deployment & training

  • Pre-deployment baseline testing, benchmarking, and stress testing
  • Pre-installed Azure Stack HCI OS with the latest verified drivers and firmware
  • Sixteen hours of customer deployment services* with pre-deployment readiness review and planning, Azure subscription setup, remote deployment & training, and project documentation and knowledge transfer


  • MUST provides hardware disk mapping, alert services, real-time inventory scans, plus call home service for drive replacements and predictive drive failures
  • MUST Pro* keeps your system updated via cluster aware updating so you always have the latest Microsoft-validated OS, drivers, firmware, BIOS, and BMC versions, with minimum disruptions to your system

Premium Warranty & Support

  • Three years standard, optional extension to five years
  • Next-business-day parts replacement
  • 24×7 technical support for hardware and software
  • 24×7 integrated joint support from DataON and Microsoft using case exchange*
  • First year HCI health check*

Azure Stack HCI is flexible HCI delivered as an Azure hybrid service​

Azure Stack HCI is a cloud-inspired Microsoft hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software stack that runs on on-premises servers. Delivered as an Azure service, Azure Stack HCI is ideal for organizations that are starting their journeys to the cloud, but that have key workloads that need to stay on premises. Azure Stack HCI relies on software-defined storage and networking to enable aggregation of all server resources into a virtual pool that can be accessed directly from any of the servers in the cluster. ​

When IT administrators are ready to shift to a hybrid-cloud approach, they can extend on-premises infrastructure to Azure quickly and easily, with simplified access to cloud management and various Azure services, including cloud-based backup, update management, security monitoring, and disaster recovery​

Tight integration of Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI simplifies the management and operation of complex and distributed environments on premises, at the edge, and in multi-cloud environments.​

Boasting an incredible HCI industry record 13.7M IOPS, Azure Stack HCI has been named a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged infrastructure and StorageReview gave it an Editor’s Choice award.​

DataON MUST Pro keeps your Integrated System updated with cluster aware updating

DataON MUST Pro is a extension exclusive to DataON Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI. It integrates with Microsoft’s cluster aware update (CAU) functionality to simplify deployment and updated to Azure Stack HCI, with minimal disruption to your hybrid cloud infrastructure. ​

MUST Pro automatically compares your server nodes against the latest quarterly validated server component image baseline from Microsoft. It ensures that servers have the same OS version, drivers, firmware, BIOS, and BMC, and checks the drivers and firmware for network cards, host bus adapters, and SSD and HDD drives. With a single click, your entire cluster can be updated. CAU helps keep your system updated and secure against the latest server exploits.​

What is “Kepler”?

Project Kepler-47 was a proof-of-concept from Microsoft’s Windows Server team, born during the development of Storage Spaces Direct. They wanted to see if it was possible to create a low-cost appliance that could bring the software-defined data center features of Windows Server 2016 to remote office/branch office (ROBO), edge computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) environments.

IT administrators for these environments are looking for a cost-sensitive solution that can provide high availability for mission-critical apps, and reliable storage.

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