Whether you’re looking to gain better control and insight over your hybrid cloud infrastructure, take advantage of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), utilize containers, or better manage your SQL data service, our Microsoft experts can help you successfully deploy your Azure hybrid workloads.

Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI

Bring Azure Virtual Desktop to on-premises with Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI (preview). AVD for Azure Stack HCI can help organizations reduce overall costs and meet security and data locality requirements. Administrators can create a full Windows 10, Windows 11, or Windows Server desktop-virtualization environment accessible from any device. This solution offers a streamlined, efficient, and low-latency approach to enabling remote work.

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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Hybrid

Many data centers are embracing containerized applications for improved resource efficiency, security, scalability, and rapid deployment. Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) hybrid offer an on-premises implementation of the popular Azure Kubernetes Service orchestrator. It automates running containerized applications at scale, while enabling users to operate consistent cloud-native applications anywhere. This solution makes it quicker to get started hosting Linux and Windows containers in your data center.

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Azure Arc-enabled Data Services

Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance is an Azure SQL data service that can be created on the infrastructure of your choice. It enables existing SQL Server customers to lift and shift their applications to Azure Arc data services with minimal application and database changes while maintaining data sovereignty. At the same time, SQL Managed Instance includes built-in management capabilities that drastically reduce management overhead.

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AI at the edge with StrategicVision

AI at the Edge solutions are deployed privately on-premises and can utilize existing assets like video feeds, badge scanners, environmental sensors, proximity sensors, operator input, and disparate systems to better security, provide real-time tracking, detect anomalies, monitor performance, improve operations efficiency, and more. By being on-premises, all your data stays with you, response time is fast, and your local servers are secure by design.

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