DataON Integrated Solutions for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI are designed to accelerate your hybrid cloud journey with a simple purchasing and deployment experience from a single vendor.

They combine Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI with DataON Integrated Systems for Azure Arc-enabled Azure Stack HCI and DataON hybrid cloud services for a complete and integrated hardware, software, and workload solution. DataON provides an appliance-like experience with a turnkey design, deployment, and integration experience with white glove service and support.

Integrated Solutions for AVD for Azure Stack HCI Include

Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI

DataON Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

DataON Hybrid Cloud Services

Simplify Deploying Azure Hybrid Cloud with DataON Integrated Solutions

Fastest Time to Value

Integrated HW + SW Solution

White Glove Service & Support

One vendor, one team one invoice

Microsoft AVD for Azure Stack HCI

Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI lets you deploy Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts on your on-premises Azure Stack HCI infrastructure. You manage your session hosts from the Azure portal.

If you already have an existing on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment, AVD for Azure Stack HCI can improve your experience. If you’re already using Azure Virtual Desktop in the cloud, you can extend your deployment to your on-premises infrastructure to better meet your performance or data locality needs.

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Nerdio Helps with Managing AVD on Azure Stack HCI

Through a strategic partnership with Nerdio, DataON offers seamless integration with Nerdio Manager for Enterprise. It’s a powerful management platform that adds hundreds of features on top of Azure Virtual Desktop that simplify management, ensure efficient operations, and lower Azure compute and storage costs by up to 75% via automation.

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