Simplify managing, deploying, and maintaining a K8 cluster on-premises​

AKS hybrid deployment options (AKS hybrid) simplifies managing, deploying, and maintaining a Kubernetes cluster on-premises, making it quicker to get started hosting Linux and Windows containers in your data center. As a hosted Kubernetes service, AKS hybrid handles critical day-to-day management, such as upgrades and automatic certificate rotations, so you can focus on running and developing containerized workloads. AKS hybrid also natively connects to Azure Arc, so you have a single Azure control plane to manage all your AKS clusters running anywhere – on Azure and on-premises.

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What’s new in AKS for Azure Stack HCI 23H2

Why use AKS hybrid for containerized applications?​

If you’ve been using AKS in Azure to deploy and run your applications, it’s easy to get started with running AKS on-premises. While you can certainly manage a few containers manually using Docker and Windows, apps often make use of five, ten, or even hundreds of containers, which is what a Kubernetes orchestrator helps with.

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestrator for automating container management at scale. AKS simplifies on-premises Kubernetes deployment by providing wizards you can use to set up Kubernetes, essential add-ons, and create Kubernetes clusters to host your workloads.

Native integration with Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes

Create and manage AKS clusters using Azure portal and Resource Manager templates​

Integrated logging and monitoring​

Software defined networking for your Kubernetes nodes and containerized applications​

Autoscaler to automatically resize your Kubernetes node pools​

Deploy and manage Windows-based containerized apps​

AKS hybrid supports deploying GPU-enabled nodes​

DataON Integrated Solutions for AKS Hybrid

DataON Integrated Solutions for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service Hybrid are designed to accelerate your hybrid cloud journey with a simple purchasing and deployment experience from a single vendor.

They combine Azure Kubernetes Service Hybrid with DataON Integrated Systems for Azure Arc-enabled Azure Stack HCI and DataON hybrid cloud services for a complete and integrated hardware, software, and workload solution. DataON provides an appliance-like experience with a turnkey design, deployment, and integration experience with white glove service and support.

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