AKS enabled by Azure Arc is now available on Azure Stack HCI 23H2

Guang Hu, Microsoft 


Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) allows you to run a managed Kubernetes solution at the edge wherever you need it, with built-in support for Linux and Windows containers and cloud integrated lifecycle management. We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for the newest Azure Stack HCI version, a key enabler of advancing hybrid cloud to adaptive cloud with Azure. This release represents the convergence of Kubernetes orchestration and Azure Stack HCI capabilities, offering a seamless and efficient experience for our users. 

What’s new in AKS? 

Based on our customers’ input, we have made several improvements and additions to AKS to keep enhancing the simplicity of operation and the efficiency of developers. 

Simplified AKS infrastructure deployment and management 

After installing and configuring Azure Stack HCI, without additional configuration steps. The AKS infrastructure components including the Arc Resource Bridge, Custom Location, and the Kubernetes Extension for the AKS Arc operator, are all deployed as part of the Azure Stack HCI deployment. 


Screenshot: Azure Stack HCI portal view with Kubernetes cluster in resources and Get Started.   

In addition to the initial deployment, lifecycle management of AKS infrastructure follows the same approach as the other components on Azure Stack HCI through regular updates. The integration ensures that all AKS infrastructure components are automatically installed and updated with the validated recipes. 


Cloud-based management of Kubernetes clusters and applications 

Applying adaptive cloud principles enables you to easily provision and manage Kubernetes clusters in the Azure portal, directly from the AKS resource view, Azure CLI, or ARM templates for automation. You can also deploy your applications via ACR to manage your container images. 

Unified resource model with rich Arc extensions support 

Every AKS cluster provisioned through Azure Arc is automatically configured with the Kubernetes agents inside, enabling access to common arc connected Kubernetes extensions. Through supporting the new resource model, AKS delivers unified user experience and rich Arc extensions support, aligning with general Arc connected Kubernetes clusters. 

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