Better Together: Enhancing the Windows Admin Center Experience with DataON MUST

Infrastructure Visibility, Monitoring, and Management for Windows Server 2016 Mac and cheese. Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. These are just a few things that are just better together.

Now we have one more pair to add to the list: Windows Admin Center and DataON MUST.

DataON MUST is our Management Utility Software Tool, which provides infrastructure visibility, monitoring, and management for Windows Server-based HCI. It simplifies data center management and helps enterprise customers transition from traditional SANs to a Windows Server-based HCI. MUST is included with all of our hyper-converged solutions.

Enter Windows Admin Center.

This is a new management tool from Microsoft, what used to be called “Project Honolulu.” It’s Web-based with support for both GUI and CLI, and is designed to simplify administration of your Windows data center. Now you can get a high-level view of your resources that you would normally see in task manager. No more toggling between multiple tools for day-to-day activities. And it works with both physical and virtual machines.

Now add MUST. MUST extends the great functionality that Windows Admin Center provides with four unique features:

  • Historic data reporting – Provides real-time and monthly dashboards of your system performance data, including IOPS, latency, throughput on your cluster, storage pools, volumes, and nodes.
  • Disk mapping – Display the device types and components in each of the nodes, providing a clear disk map of your entire node. Shows the number of disks, disk type, location and slot of each drive, and disk health status.
  • System alerts – Leverages Windows Health Service faults to identify hardware failures, configuration issues, and resource saturation. It also provides multi-level assessments with specific locations, fault descriptions and recovery actions. You can also leverage third-party SNMP monitoring traps to alert you when you need disk or hardware replacements.
  • SAN-like call home service – Prompted by system alerts, you can have automated email alerts sent to key contacts.

With all of the enhancements coming in Windows Server 2019 and the powerful tools in Windows Admin Center and DataON MUST, this is an exciting time to be using Window Server!

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