DataON AZS-6212 Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI Better Together with Western Digital Technology

DataON AZ-6212 Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI

DataON offers complete integrated systems for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. The DataON AZS-6212 is one of our Integrated Systems, optimized for performance and expansion. It’s built on the new subscription-based Azure Stack HCI OS, streamlined for ease of management and hyper-converged efficiency. It includes OS-integrated Azure Services and offers the convenience of pre-installed software, and automated drivers, and firmware updates for customers who require turnkey solutions. The AZS-6212 features twelve-bay nodes with hybrid storage from Western Digital, powered by 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Better together with Western Digital Technology

When it comes to high-capacity HDD storage for the DataON AZS-6212 Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI, Western Digital serves as a pillar of technology in our hybrid storage offerings. DataON uses exclusively Western Digital Ultrastar® 14TB and 18TB HDDs for their reliability, performance, and technological innovation.

Western Digital Ultrastar HDDs feature HelioSeal® technology. HelioSeal provides a less dense atmosphere in the HDD case that virtually eliminates turbulence. This allows read/write mechanisms to track more precisely and reliably over storage media, enabling higher performance, lower power and higher capacity with an increased number of thinner media disks in the enclosure.

Western Digital Ultrastar 18TB HDDs introduce the industry’s first Energy-Assisted Magnetic Recording (EAMR) technology and Triple Stage Actuator (TSA). With EAMR technology, Western Digital scales beyond legacy Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) and increases areal drive density to 1022 Gbits/in2 in its 18TB HDDs.

Western Digital’s 18TB HDDs also integrate the TSA onto a 9-disk platform. The TSA makes use of three pivot points: the Voice Coil Motor (VCM) Actuator, the Milliactuator and the Microactuator. Using three pivot points enables a higher bandwidth servo control resulting in a more precise positioning of the head on the track. With greater head position accuracy, tracks can be written closer together for higher TPI and greater areal density, resulting in higher capacity HDDs.

For organizations that need additional storage or are deploying converged high-capacity storage solutions, DataON offers the 60-bay DataON DNS-4760 and the 102-bay DataON DNS-4702 JBOD storage platforms powered by Western Digital. Both JBODs utilize Western Digital ArcticFlow™ and Western Digital Ultrastar IsoVibe™ technology to reduce heat and vibration.

ArcticFlow™ technology works by introducing cool air into the center of the chassis. Divided into front and rear zones, as the cool air warms through the front zone, it is ducted around the sides of the enclosure to the hot aisle, while the cool air tunnel brings fresh, cold air directly into the center of the enclosure, cooling the rear zone. This enables the drives to operate at lower and more consistent temperatures than conventional systems. This results in lower fan speeds, reduced vibration, lower power consumption, quieter operation, higher reliability, and ultimately lower TCO.

IsoVibe™ vibration isolation technology works by making precise cuts in the baseboard, providing a suspension for the drives in the chassis and isolating them from transmitted vibration. Vibration-isolated fans also minimize acoustic vibration, suppress noise transmission, and reduce the amount of transmitted interference. As a result, there is an overall consistent drive performance without the lag associated from a conventional chassis.

If you’re looking to deploy a hyper-converged infrastructure solution with hybrid storage in your data center, DataON can help you with an Azure Stack HCI solution featuring Western Digital technology.

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