DataON Integrated Solutions for Azure Hybrid Workloads simplify procurement & deployment with an integrated hardware, software, and workload experience

Press Release

DataON announces new Integrated Solutions for Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud Workloads and Azure Arc-enabled Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI, powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors.

ANAHEIM, California – August 22, 2023 – DataON, an industry-leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI with cloud-based Azure services, announces new Integrated Solutions for Azure Hybrid Cloud Workloads and Azure Arc-enabled Integrated Systems for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

DATAON INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS FOR MICROSOFT AZURE HYBRID CLOUD WORKLOADS are designed to accelerate customers’ hybrid cloud journey with simple purchasing and deployment experience from a single vendor. They combine a DataON Integrated System with Azure Arc-enabled Azure Stack HCI and Azure hybrid cloud workload(s) for a complete and integrated hardware, software, and workload solution. DataON provides an appliance-like experience with a turnkey design, deployment, and integration experience with white glove service and support.

  • DataON Integrated Solution for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) hybrid – AKS hybrid is an on-premises implementation of the popular Azure Kubernetes Service orchestrator, which automates running containerized applications at scale while allowing users to operate consistent cloud native applications anywhere, making it quicker to get started hosting Linux and Windows containers in your data center.
  • DataON Integrated Solution for Azure Arc-Managed SQL – Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance is an Azure SQL data service that can be created on the infrastructure of your choice. It enables existing SQL Server customers to lift and shift their applications to Azure Arc data services with minimal application and database changes while maintaining data sovereignty. At the same time, SQL Managed Instance includes built-in management capabilities that drastically reduce management overhead.
  • DataON Integrated Solution for Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Edge – DataON is partnering with Strategic Online Systems, Inc. (SOS) for enterprise-grade AI at the Edge. Its StrategicVision solutions are deployed privately on-premises and can utilize existing security assets. By being on-premises, all your data stays with you, response time is fast, and your local servers are secure by design. SOS is a risk mitigation company, functioning as a level two managed service provider (MSP). SOS partners with Microsoft, NVIDIA and DataON to provide hybrid cloud and AI at the Edge solutions that help customers solve real-world challenges. Microsoft and NVIDIA have collaborated to transform AI & ML, leveraging the power of NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate edge AI with Azure Stack HCI. Together, NVIDIA GPUs and Azure Stack HCI make an accelerated platform that can process data from sensors and drive decisions in real time.

DATAON INTEGRATED SYSTEMS FOR MICROSOFT AZURE STACK HCI are designed to increase an organization’s control of and visibility into key resource management, provisioning, policy enforcement, app deployment, and security challenges. They combine Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, Azure Arc, and DataON servers built by Intel.

  • Azure Stack HCI is a hybrid cloud solution that merges the power of the Azure control plane with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and enables organizations to advance digital modernization goals with cost-effective technology. HCI infrastructure provides benefits over traditional infrastructure deployments, including robust scalability, reliability, improved performance, simplified deployments and management, and software-defined infrastructure and reduced infrastructure costs.
  • Azure Arc-enabled infrastructure is a cloud infrastructure that is managed and monitored from Azure and includes features such as Azure Resource Manager, Azure Monitor, and Azure Security Center. The tight integration of Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI simplifies management and operation of complex and distributed environments on-premises, at the edge, and in multi-cloud environments.
  • DataON servers are powered by new 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and are designed to provide the best customer experience with Azure Stack HCI and include software, hardware, monitoring & management, cluster aware updating, and Azure services. Components are continually tested by Microsoft and DataON for the highest reliability and include world-class 24×7 joint support from DataON and Microsoft. Select models include NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) for the best experience with graphic-rich virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI & ML) applications.

“DataON has always been at the forefront of bringing the latest Microsoft and Intel data center technologies to market,” said Howard Lo, vice president of sales and marketing, DataON. “From procurement to production, DataON’s new Integrated Solutions for Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Workloads will deliver a simple, complete, and integrated hardware, software, and workload deployment experience for our customers. Azure Arc-enabled Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solutions from DataON powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors will help customers modernize their IT infrastructure, leverage hybrid cloud technologies, reduce eco-footprint, and improve security.”

“Companies are looking at AI at the Edge solutions to help solve operational and security challenges,” said Benjamin Clements, President & CEO, Strategic Online Systems, Inc. “We are proud to partner with Microsoft, DataON, and NVIDIA for our StrategicVision solution to provide a secure on-premises solution that helps customers mitigate risk.”

“Microsoft is proud of its long-standing relationship with DataON,” said Dean Paron, Director of Partner Program management at Microsoft. “Customers are always talking about how they need to modernize and simplify their IT infrastructure. DataON’s Integrated Solutions with a complete end-to-end Microsoft hybrid cloud infrastructure and workloads can help them do both.”


DataON is a hybrid cloud computing company that exclusively leverages Microsoft technologies to build solutions that help companies and organizations achieve more with less. Our solutions utilize Azure Stack HCI for on-premises compute and storage and are designed so you can take advantage of Azure hybrid cloud services, and technologies such as Azure Arc, Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure Kubernetes Service, AI at the Edge, and more.

DataON is a leading Microsoft partner, with over 1500 HCI clusters deployed with over 1000 enterprise customers. With over 130 Integrated Systems and validated nodes in the Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Catalog, DataON’s turnkey solutions are designed to provide the highest level of performance, manageability, and security offered. DataON is a Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and an Intel Platinum Partner.

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