Deploy a Windows Server 2016 Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Solution with Tips from DataON and Strategic Online Solutions, Inc.

Windows Server 2016 includes a very good software-defined storage feature in Storage Spaces Direct but it’s not one of the most commonly mentioned providers of hyper-converged software.

Storage Spaces Direct turns standard servers with local storage into enterprise-grade storage infrastructure, promising simplicity, flexibility and low operating costs. Most of the major data center vendors offer Storage Spaces Direct solutions but none of them truly support it with dedicated resources.

Except for DataON.

DataON focuses exclusively on Window Server 2016-based software-defined data centers, choosing to become experts on Microsoft solutions instead of getting spread thin supporting multiple solutions.

Since the release of Windows Server 2016 last year, DataON has deployed over 100PB of Windows Server 2016-certified platforms. We’ve worked closely with partners Microsoft, Intel, Mellanox, and Strategic Online Systems, Inc., as well as our customers, to truly become experts at deploying Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica.

We’ve written a white paper to share with you our experiences with deploying Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica. We hope this will help you better understand the Windows Server 2016 features and help you with your deployment.

For customers that purchase a DataON hyper-converged appliance, we provie a more detailed deployment guide, as well as all of the latest device drivers and a deployment scripts to quickly get your new data center up and running quickly.

Read the Windows Server 2016 SDDC Deployment whitepaper

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