Five Things about DataON MUST Pro 2.2 for DataON Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI

Understanding the challenges of infrastructure support, software patches, and hardware level updates, DataON developed MUST Pro. It’s a powerful, new plug-in for Microsoft Windows Admin Center that simplifies hardware updates across Azure Stack HCI clusters and is included with DataON Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI.

MUST Pro integrates with Windows Admin Center’s cluster creation and cluster-aware updating interfaces, and shaves off hours of time by comparing your current DataON Integrated System server nodes against DataON’s latest quarterly validated server component image baseline. Within a few clicks, you can have a complete hassle-free update your DataON infrastructure with minimal disruption or downtime. By ensuring all updates are compatible, DataON MUST Pro eliminates potential hazards, troubleshooting, and provides peace of mind.

“It really, really worked. It checked for the O/S updates and then the hardware updates.  All we did was hit “next” and it started each process. It’s all automated.”

Adam Morris

Director of Information Technology, DEC

We just released version 2.2 of DataON MUST Pro to provide expanded functionality and support.  Here are five things you should know:

1. DataON MUST Pro features a new and enhanced user interface (UI)

As a snap plugin, DataON MUST Pro integrates with Windows Admin Center and its cluster aware update (CAU) functionality. In this newly updated graphical user interface (GUI), DataON MUST Pro provides easier navigation, a more granular view into the DataON hardware list, and the ability to apply filters to select hardware to update.

2. DataON MUST Pro adds automatic exception reporting

This new backend feature allows DataON to proactively investigate and track reported issues, enabling the support team to deliver faster resolution times if problems should occur during the analytics or update processes.

3. DataON MUST Pro expands analytics reporting

This feature provides enhanced hardware-level analysis and provides better insights into your hardware usage model, including compute core, memory, and storage expansion.

4. DataON MUST Pro has a new cluster aware updating (CAU) flow

DataON has streamlined orchestration between Microsoft CAU and DataON MUST Pro, ensuring seamless and faster workflows.

5. DataON MUST Pro now offers multi-motherboard support

This release supports new DataON S2D-6000 server motherboards that feature 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. If you’re looking for an Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI or want to find more about DataON MUST Pro, we can help you.

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