Georgia K-12 School District Gives Microsoft and DataON Straight-A’s On Their Report Card

Cherokee County School District (CCSD) is a high-performing public school system in Georgia, with 41 schools, 42,000 students, and over 4800 employees.

They needed a new storage system that could support heavy VM usage, as there are nearly 50,000 students and staff that access the system daily. HR, payroll, central records, and student registration systems all use the same system. They also wanted a consolidated on-premise storage system instead of using cloud storage for easy access to their data.

And of course, the entire solution needed to be within their budget.

Matt Roper (Facilitator of Technology Support Services, CCSD) found a Windows Server 2016 and DataON solution to have the “best bang for the buck performance.”

With DataON and Microsoft, we could get the best and cheapest performance, and they included NVMe and 40GbE networking, other vendors couldn’t offer the same technology for the price.

In addition, Roper found the price for Windows Server 2016 licenses were much cheaper than what they were paying for VMware.

CCSD’s new DataON system consolidated three legacy systems into one and provides over 1.5M IOPS performance, which is plenty for their 50,000 students and staff.

Microsoft has a winner, everything is incredibly faster, feels 10 times faster. Tasks that used to take minutes to complete, now only takes seconds.

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