Hyper-V Isn’t Dying, It’s Thriving

Over the last week, there have been rumors that Microsoft is discontinuing Hyper-V. As a company that specializes in Microsoft hybrid virtualization solutions and partners CLOSELY with the Microsoft product development team, we can categorically say that Hyper-V is not dying but thriving!

Microsoft is investing heavily in Hyper-V, as it is an integral, core component of Azure, Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub, Windows Server, and Azure Arc. Microsoft has zero plans to discontinue any enterprise Hyper-V solution.

“Hyper-V is literally used everywhere. It is a strategically important technology. Azure is all Hyper-V. That’s the Azure hypervisor system. The Azure Stack family. Windows Server and Windows client.

Jeff Woosley, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

However, Microsoft did announce that it is ending support for its free standalone Hyper-V product offered in Windows Server 2019 that is scheduled for end of mature support on October 14th, 2031.

The free standalone Hyper-V has nothing to do with Microsoft enterprise Hyper-V products. No small, medium or enterprise businesses use the free standalone version, as they are for small home server use only.

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