Customer Story: Infront Upgrades to a Windows SDS Environment with a Good Monitoring System

Infront is a financial services company that provides real-time market data, trading, news and analytics to over 10,000 traders, analysts and financial providers across the world.

Their storage infrastructure was aging rapidly, with a 10Gb iSCSI SAN that was over 6 years old. They had surpassed the maximum IOPS throughput on the current configuration, which caused virtual machine performance to be very slow.

Infront was already a Microsoft customer and all of their systems run Microsoft software. It was important that the new solution is fully compatible with their existing system so they were very interested in a Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces solution.

A Google search led Infront to DataON and they found DataON to be very knowledgeable about designing and deploying Microsoft-based storage solutions. They were thrilled with the DataON S2D’s speeds, functionality, and scalability, and especially the overall price comparted to a traditional SAN/server solution.

One of the features that set DataON apart was their exclusive MUST (Management Utility Software Tool) visibility and management software, which is pre-configured with their S2D storage solutions. Infront was impressed with its powerful features, such as:

  • Dashboard-level metrics from a single pane of glass
  • System alerts based on Windows Health Service faults with built-in root cause analysis
  • Call-home support that alert system administrators based on fault settings and severity levels

After setup and migration, Infront saw a significant performance improvement in their new virtu­alized environment, and simplified management of their Windows SDS infrastructure with the MUST tool.

Read about how DataON helped Infront deploy a cost-effective Windows SDS system that included the MUST visibility and management tool, providing a much-needed performance boost for their VMs and storage.

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