TL;DW Webinar Report: What’s New & What’s Next in Windows Server 2019

Did you miss our Q4 Webinar on What’s New and What’s Next in Windows Server 2019 with Microsoft and Intel?  Well… fear not, IT Heroes!  Below is a brief & concise summary, along with YouTube timestamps, so you can jump right to whatever piques your interest:

  • Cosmos starts; HCI rapidly growing [3:52]
  • What’s new for HCI in Windows Server 2019 [11:16]
    1. Deduplication and compression [11:59]
      • Session BRK2231 from Microsoft Ignite 2018
      • Live dedup demo starts @ [48:13]
    2. Scale up to 4PB per cluster [18:42]
    3. Nested resiliency aka RAID 5+1 [22:57]
    4. Full support for persistent memory [29:58]
      • Currently *only* available on S2D HCI
      • MSFT Blog about new IOPS record with PMEM
    5. Built-in performance history [33:25]
    6. Deeper visibility for drive behavior [39:31] – NEW!
  • Intel Optane Technology w/ Alessandro Goncalves [48:48]
    1. What is Intel 3D XPoint technology (Intel Optane technology brand)? [50:00]
    2. Is Intel Optane technology memory or storage? [54:06]
      • Both! Can mix-and-match.
      • Use as cache or memory (in DIMM form factor)
    3. Count IOPS in millions… breaking barriers today with NVMe [58:44]
      • Intel Optane DC NVMe P4800X – is Available Today
    4. Putting it all together [59:45]

Boy, Alessandro and Cosmos sure did a stellar job!  I think the whole webinar can be summarized with this one quote from Cosmos:

“Storage Spaces Direct gets better for everyone in Windows Server 2019”

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