Modernize and drive sustainability with Azure hybrid solutions

Modernize and drive sustainability with Azure hybrid solutions

Sustainability is not just a moral necessity but also a critical strategic imperative for businesses. Accenture reports that sustainability has become a top 10 business priority for the first time ever, while a Forrester Consulting survey shows that 61 percent of Fortune Global 200 companies created senior management and executive positions to lead sustainability programs. Yet the same Accenture study reveals that currently only 18 percent of companies have a sustainability strategy in place or have fully defined sustainable IT targets.

Increase efficiency with Azure hybrid solutions

Microsoft hybrid solutions powered by Azure Arc can help modernize IT to reach sustainability targets and increase operational efficiency. Workloads that are migrated to the Azure cloud can generate as much as 98 percent lower carbon emissions and consume upwards of 93 percent less power. For workloads that cannot be migrated to the cloud, Azure Arc technologies can help bring the efficiency of the Azure cloud to your on-premises infrastructure. With Azure Arc–enabled servers, you can connect your existing hardware to Azure for more efficient and effective management of your infrastructure. Azure Arc–enabled SQL Managed Instance enables you to modernize your Microsoft SQL Server deployments to take advantage of the latest SQL Server database engine and increased CPU efficiency. And with Azure Stack HCI, you can streamline your IT estate by moving to a more resource-efficient hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

Real-world results

Customers around the world are already seeing operational benefits from Azure Arc while moving closer to attaining their sustainability goals.

  • A food and beverage retailer in the United Kingdom moved to Azure Stack HCI to speed up its global virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment, only to find that it also saved 100,000 kWh in power usage year-on-year in the process.
  • The transport authority for a major UK city modernized its data center to Azure Stack HCI to consolidate its large-file services to Azure, and in doing so, it reduced energy usage by 30–35 percent.
  • A trusted retailer with a diversified portfolio had a need to modernize its on-premises digital infrastructure. By modernizing with Azure Stack HCI, the company is saving over $500,000 USD (£400,000) on cooling and power.

Embracing sustainable IT is crucial not just for the future of the planet, but also for the future of your business. Azure hybrid cloud solutions can provide sustainability advantages that can also deliver tangible and immediate benefits to your organization. Azure Arc can help provide better insights into your IT estate, reuse your existing infrastructure with improved operational efficiency, and consolidate workloads onto modern, hybrid infrastructure. With the sustainability and efficiency benefits of Azure hybrid cloud solutions, it’s possible to do well by doing good.

Accelerate your sustainability journey with Azure hybrid solutions. Watch the video and download the whitepaper and infographic.

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