Hybrid Cloud Solutions from Microsoft and DataON

Modernize your infrastructure

Run virtual machines and containers on-premises on hybrid, familiar HCI from Microsoft Azure.

Deploy hybrid workloads

Adopt hybrid workloads such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Virtual Desktop, Arc-enabled PaaS, and AI at the edge.

Switch from VMware

Migrate to Azure Stack HCI for less cost & complexity, and native hybrid cloud integration.

Discover Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI Overview

What is Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Tour the new Azure Stack HCI using Windows Admin Center

Five Things You Can Do
with Azure Stack HCI

Azure Arc-enabled Azure Stack HCI Delivers Integrated Azure Hybrid Services

Azure Virtual Desktop
for Azure Stack HCI

Bring AVD to on-premises and reduce overall costs and meet security and data locality requirements. Create a full Windows 10, Windows 11, or Windows Server desktop virtualization environment accessible from any device.

Azure Kubernetes Service enabled by Azure Arc

Deploy AKS on-premises to automate running containerized applications at scale while allowing users to operate consistent cloud applications anywhere. This makes it quicker to get started hosing Linux and Windows containers.

Azure Arc-enabled Data Services

Lift and shift applications to Azure Arc data services with minimal application and database changes. Also includes built-in management capabilities that drastically reduces management overhead.

Enterprise-grade Artificial
Intelligence at the Edge

Lift and shift applications to Azure Arc data services with minimal application and database changes. Also includes built-in management capabilities that drastically reduces management overhead.

Azure Site Recovery, Azure Backup, and Azure File Sync

Help ensure business continuity by keeping business apps and workloads running during outages.

Built-in Security
and Compliance

Secure endpoints and Kubernetes clusters with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Defender to Cloud, and Azure Sentinel.

DataON Integrated Solutions provide an appliance-like experience
for deploying Azure hybrid workloads

DataON Integrated Solutions for Microsoft Azure Hybrid Workloads are designed to accelerate customers’ hybrid cloud journey with simple purchasing and deployment experience from a single vendor.

They combine DataON Integrated Systems with Azure Arc-enabled Azure Stack HCI and Azure hybrid cloud workload(s) for a complete and integrated software, hardware, and workload solution. DataON provides an appliance-like experience with a turnkey design, deployment, and integration experience with white glove service and support.


Azure Stack HCI is a world-class, integrated virtualization stack built on proven technologies that have already been deployed at scale, including Hyper-V, Storage Spaces Direct, and Azure-inspired SDN. It’s part of the Azure Stack family, using the same software-defined compute, storage, and networking software as Azure Stack Hub.


DataON Integrated Systems provide a premium, complete, and turnkey experience. Powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, they include software, hardware, monitoring & management, cluster aware updating, Azure services, and service & support from DataON and Microsoft.


Azure Stack HCI is hybrid by design with support for Azure hybrid workloads such as Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) hybridAzure Arc-enabled Data ServicesArtificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge.

Now is the Time to Make the Switch from VMware to Azure Stack HCI

Reliability & Ease of Use

VMware is complex and painful to manage. Users report spending upwards of 16 hours a week on average managing and patching VMware solutions. That’s in addition to an average of 28 hours of downtime annually. Azure Stack HCI is familiar for Hyper-V and server admins, allowing them to leverage existing virtualization and storage concepts and skills. It works with existing data center processes and tools such as Microsoft System Center, Active Directory, Group Policy and PowerShell scripting. Most companies already use Windows Server so less training is needed.

Azure Site Recovery, Backup, File Sync, on Azure Stack HCI

VMware is expensive, with extremely complicated pricing. Customers are reporting that VMware is currently raising pricing up to 600%. In addition, VMware HCI functionality is covered by many different products and extremely complicated pricing: nine pricing tiers for vSAN, three for NSX, three for vCenter Server, and five for vSphere. Additionally, many VMware customers say they are overpaying for many features they don’t actually need. Azure Stack HCI’s pricing is simply $10/physical core/month. And if you already have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement with Software Assurance, Azure Stack HCI is included at no extra cost!

Built-in Security
and Compliance

VMware doesn’t have native cloud integration. 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure, which natively integrates with Azure Stack HCI. VMware relies on Azure, Google, and AWS for cloud services which adds complexity and may require additional technical training. Microsoft owns the whole software stack from the kernel to the hypervisor to the operating system. VMware doesn’t have native cloud integration.

Azure Stack HCI allows you to take advantage of cloud and on-premises resources working together and natively monitor, secure, and back up to the cloud.


Azure Stack HCI outperforms VMware by 4x. Independent performance testing on the same hardware by StorageReview.com indicates that VMware vSAN maxes out at 521K IOPS, while Azure Stack HCI achieves more than 2M IOPS.


VMware security is complex and has crucial holes. VMware encryption is fragmented and missing important features. The KMS server requirement is a blocker to adopt VM encryption. VMware lacks shielded VMs and support for virtualization-based security.

Corporate Stability

VMware corporate changes are coming. Broadcom’s stated strategy is to focus on 600 out of their 30,000 customers who will struggle to change suppliers. This means the overwhelming majority of VMware customers will be ignored.

See How Customers Transformed Their Business with Azure Stack HCI

The Canadian Museum
for Human Rights

A museum deployed Azure Stack HCI to power its interactive exhibits, website, video bulk storage, and data backup, with integration with Azure Services.

Bradley Arant Boult
Cummings LLP

A national law firm replaced its SAN for an Azure Stack HCI for a hybrid cloud -ready infrastructure to provide fast, reliable service to its legal and IT users.

Benenden School

Benenden School replaced its aging SAN and deployed Azure Stack HCI with a stretched cluster for increased performance and greater resiliency.

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