Five Things about Scale-Out Storage Solutions with Azure Stack HCI and DataON

There are many choices for scale-out storage solutions available. But there are only a few that can offer a complete line of resilient, hybrid cloud storage solutions from as simple as an SMB backup to ultra-dense big data and cloud files servers.

Here are five things about scale-out storage solutions with Azure Stack HCI and DataON.

Azure Stack HCI solutions from DataON offer enterprise grade storage features

As an industry leader in hybrid and cloud storage, Microsoft has developed a complete software-defined scale-out storage solution with Azure Stack HCI. It’s feature rich and versatile, and built on a strong foundation of Hyper-V, Storage Spaces Direct, and software-defined networking (SDN). Azure Stack HCI employs Microsoft’s ReFS file system to maximize data availability, scale efficiently to large data sets across diverse workloads, and provide data integrity by means of resiliency to corruption.

Azure Stack HCI offers features like erasure coding (parity), integrity checksums, deduplication, and compression. When used in conjunction with mirror or parity space within Storage Spaces Direct, ReFS can automatically repair detected corruptions using the alternate copy of the data provided by Storage Spaces Direct without down time. Azure Stack HCI also features improved deduplication and compression for ReFS, allowing you to store 10x more data on the same volume.

Alongside two and three-way mirroring. Azure Stack HCI offers mirror-accelerated parity. Mirror-accelerated parity provides fault tolerance that combines the fast write performance of mirror and the efficiency of parity, and is an inexpensive, space-efficient storage without sacrificing performance. This is important especially in ultra-dense storage solutions.

2. Azure Stack HCI supports high-throughput data ingestion

In scale-out storage solutions, optimizing read/write speed is essential for applications like backup, cloud file servers, video ingestion, or big data. Azure Stack HCI features built-in server-side cache to maximize storage performance and deliver high throughput data ingestion. This enables you to configure Azure Stack HCI scale-out storage solutions with an all-NVMe flash cache tier, providing faster access to the most used applications and requested data.

3. Azure Stack HCI simplifies storing and managing tiers in the cloud with Azure File Sync

As a complete hybrid cloud solution, Azure Stack HCI allows you to seamlessly integrate on-premises workloads with Azure. OS-integrated and managed within Windows Admin Center, you can quickly add additional services like Azure File Sync. In conjunction with Azure Blob Storage, Azure File Sync makes it easy to create storage tiers within the cloud and sync and manage them with your on-premises infrastructure. Because it’s Azure, there are no software patches required.

4. Azure Stack HCI supports external JBODs up to 4PBs per cluster

If you’re planning to deploy ultra-dense scale-out storage solutions, Azure Stack HCI gives you the breathing room with up to 4PBs per cluster.

DataON offers a wide variety of scale-out storage solutions to meet any organization’s needs with hybrid storage server node solutions as well as all-Intel® NVMe flash cache server nodes that can be paired with twenty-four and sixty-bay drive JBODs.

5. DataON offers validated Azure Stack ultra-dense storage solutions

All DataON scale-out storage solutions for Azure Stack HCI are validated by Microsoft to get you up and running quickly and reliably. Azure Stack HCI features the same software-defined compute, storage, and networking capabilities we’ve come to know in Azure Stack, while meeting similar rigorous validation requirements.

DataON scale-solutions for Azure Stack HCI are also Intel Select Solutions, Featuring the latest Intel technologies, including 2nd Generation Intel ® Xeon ® Scalable Processors, Intel® Optane™ SSDs and persistent memory (PMEM), Intel ® NVMe SSDs, Intel Select Solutions help businesses utilize new technologies faster. Each solution is tuned for the best performance with Azure Stack HCI.

If you’re looking to create a backup and disaster recovery infrastructure for your company or organization, DataON and Veeam can help you.

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