Five Things: Why Azure Stack HCI and DataON Are Best for Edge & ROBO

When looking for a ROBO or edge solution, you’re probably asking if it can offer the resiliency you need? Is it robust enough for our workloads? Are we investing in the latest technology? Will it fit our budgetary requirements?

Here are five things about why Azure stack HCI and DataON are best for edge & ROBO.

1. Azure Stack HCI has the only true two-node HCI solution

Other software-defined storage solutions say they offer a two-node solution. However, what they don’t tell you is they require an additional and expensive third node or appliance for a cluster quorum.

As true two-node solution, Azure Stack HCI doesn’t require a third node. You can simply use an inexpensive USB drive as a witness that can be plugged into an existing router or switch. You can even use Cloud Witness within Azure Services and meet quorum in the cloud.

Compared to other “two-node” solutions, choosing Azure Stack HCI is much more affordable. A complete two-node Azure Stack HCI solution from DataON has an entry point price of under $20K!

2. Azure Stack HCI offers back-to-back switchless configuration

DataON has two and three- node switchless solutions for Azure Stack HCI where the nodes are directly connected to each other without an Ethernet fabric switch. The nodes are connected via 25GbE cables or Intel® Thunderbolt™ 3 (select models) and can save your company thousands of dollars on switches.

Direct connect switchless solutions are easy-to-deploy and can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

If you need to expand your cluster, you can add a switch and expand up to 16 nodes.

3. DataON specializes in switchless Azure Stack HCI solutions for edge and ROBO

DataON has a family of Kepler two and three-node switchless solutions that can meet your organization’s needs. From Intel® NVMe flash SSDs to hybrid storage, from eight to twenty-four drive bays, all of our solutions feature 2nd Generation Intel ® Xeon ® processors.

Azure Stack HCI solutions from DataON are resilient. A two-node solution offers two-way mirror fault tolerance with the ability to handle one node or hardware failure without losing data. Or if you’re looking for additional resiliency, you can choose a three-node solution. With the additional node, you can get three-way mirror fault tolerance that can withstand two node or hardware failures without data loss.

DataON also has a two-node solution in a mini-tower form factor, designed for deployments where they isn’t dedicated space for a rack server.

4. Azure Stack HCI solution are built for hybrid cloud

Azure Stack HCI delivers a robust on-premises software-defined solution based on Microsoft Azure Stack, with Hyper-V, Storage Spaces Direct (software-defined storage), and software-defined networking (SDN).

It also extends you to the cloud with Azure Services, which includes Azure Site Recovery, Azure Monitor, Cloud Witness, Azure Backup, Azure Update Management, Azure Network Adapter, and Azure Security Center. These powerful cloud services provide can provide, powerful cost-effective solutions for better infrastructure resiliency as well as an affordable option to purchasing an on-premises backup solution.

Because Azure Services are OS-integrated and controlled within Windows Admin Center, you can seamlessly manage your on-premises and cloud workloads in a centralized location, maximizing efficiency and making your life much easier.

5. Small doesn’t mean slow

DataON’s switchless solutions for Azure Stack HCI are built with the same server nodes as larger DataON HCI solutions. The only difference is they’re switchless. DataON leverages cutting-edge hardware from industry leaders in its solutions, including 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon ® Processors, Intel ® Optane™ SSDs and persistent memory (PEMEM), and Intel ® NVMe SSDs.

Intel ® Optane™ SSDs can accelerate applications and reduce transaction costs for latency-sensitive workloads. Intel ® Optane™ PMEM is a unique, non-volatile memory solution that resides in DIMM slots, which can be used as an affordable option to DRAM for deployments with large memory or requirements. Or it can be used as ultra-low latency storage, increasing application performance.

All DataON solutions for Azure Stack HCI are Intel Select Solutions, designed to help businesses utilize new technologies faster. Each solution is tuned for the best performance with Azure Stack HCI.

If you’re looking to create a backup and disaster recovery infrastructure for your company or organization, DataON and Veeam can help you.

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